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Friday, 16 March 2018 16:09

Fifth Sunday in Lent

2018FIFSLWeb150The first reading this Sunday looks forward to a new covenant between God and his people. This covenant will not be written on stone, but on human hearts. This new covenant cannot be broken since God always forgives and never remembers our sins. It is in our hearts that we learn the truth about the strength of God’s love for us and recognise ourselves as God’s beloved people.

There is a lovely phrase in the preface of Eucharistic Prayer for Reconciliation I which captures this sense: You have bound the human family to yourself through Jesus your Son, our Redeemer, with a new bond of love so tight that it can never be undone.

Thursday, 15 March 2018 16:02

Lay Carmelite Council meets in Melbourne

2018LCCMWeb150Recently, Fr Paul Gurr (Provincial Delegate), Chris Wade (Moderator), Paul Newcombe, Gwenda Gopperth and Angelia Zakarias met at the Sancta Sophia Meditation Community, Warburton (VIC).

Part of the time at Warburton was spent discussing issues to do with Lay Carmelite life in Australia and New Zealand and part was spent in quiet reflection. During the meeting the Council met with Fr Paul Cahill (Prior Provincial). On the way back to Melbourne the group visited Whitefriars College and the Carmelite Cemetery at Donvale. More photos.

2018MBSWeb150Australia and Timor-Leste have signed a new treaty establishing a permanent maritime border between the two nations. The treaty was signed at the United Nations Headquarters in new York on 6 March by East Timor's Deputy Prime Minister, Agio Pereira, and Australian Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop.

The new treaty gives Timor-Leste a greater share of the revenue from the Greater Sunrise oil and gas deposit which lies between Timor-Leste and Australia and is vital for the economic future of Timor-Leste.

Friday, 09 March 2018 14:29

Carmelites in the classroom

2018CITCWeb150Every person has a story. Stories are rich messages about who we are and who we want to become. This term in Religious Education, our new Year 7 students have been learning about the Whitefriars story in the unit Belonging to Community.

Brothers Sean Keefe and Matthew Tonini generously volunteered their time during the last few weeks to visit each of the Year 7 Religious Education classes to educate our boys about the story of the Carmelites, and how that vision of community, prayer and action shaped, and shapes, the story of Whitefriars.

Friday, 09 March 2018 13:05

Fourth Sunday in Lent

2018FORSLWeb150This Sunday marks a change in the Lenten focus. We are no longer so absorbed by our own limitations and weaknesses in faith. We are more confident of God’s kindness, forgiveness and healing without which we would never dare embark on this journey. We look forward to the Easter celebrations with joy and hope.

On our journey from temptation to transfiguration we are becoming, through faith in Christ, the living presence of God in the world, the light in the darkness.

Friday, 09 March 2018 12:49

Learning to order coffee in English

2018HTOCWeb150Br Avelino Dos Santos (far right) and his English Language class recently went on an outing to practice ordering coffee in English. After successfully ordering and drinking their coffee they couldn't resist standing in front of the 'No Standing' sign outside the cafe. See the full photo.

The English Language School for Pastoral Ministry in Box Hill (VIC) helps students develop their English language skills for theological studies and pastoral ministry. Carmelites, Marcolino Gomes, Agostinho Dos Santos and Avelino are all studying at ELSPM this year.

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