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Thursday, 22 April 2021 12:26

4th Sunday of Easter - Good & True Shepherd

4EWeb150The Gospel this Sunday shows us that the sheep (us) are at the centre of the life of Jesus and the Father! Jesus gives his all for them. He is a true shepherd prepared to lay down his life for his sheep. He is not like the hired man who runs away when danger appears. He knows his sheep and one day will gather them all into one flock. Read more

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Thursday, 22 April 2021 11:28

Lay Carmelite Final Profession

2021LCPWeb150On Sunday 21st March our Wentworthville Lay Carmelite Community was delighted to witness and support Jim Milford for his Final Profession ceremony in the Third Order of Carmelites. Fr Anthony Scerri, OCarm, received Jim’s promises and commitment during Sunday Mass at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, Wentworthville (NSW). More story & photo

Tuesday, 20 April 2021 20:16

Matthew’s Mass of Thanksgiving

mt thansgivingmass 150Following his Ordination as a priest on 17 April Matthew Tonini celebrated a Mass of Thanksgiving the following day in the same Church in which he was ordained. More story & photos

ordinations2021 150On Saturday, April 17, Br Matthew Tonini was ordained Priest and Br Agedo Bento ordained Deacon at the National Shrine of Our Lady of Mt Carmel, Middle Park (Vic) by Archbishop Peter A Comensoli, Archbishop of the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne. More story, video & photos

Friday, 16 April 2021 09:20

3rd Sunday of Easter - Seeing & touching

3EWeb150As we share the food of our Eucharistic meal each time we gather at mass, we recall that whenever Jesus shared a meal with his followers he opened their hearts and minds. Jesus said: “Touch me and see for yourselves.” We may not be there in Jerusalem in that room with the disciples reaching out to touch Jesus, but we can touch and see Jesus in all the good things around us in our world... Read More

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Thursday, 15 April 2021 13:34

Young Carmelites help with flood crisis

timorlesteflood01 150Our young Carmelites in Timor-Leste have been helping to distribute food and household goods and clean and rebuild houses following the devastating floods in Timor-Leste. The local parish in Hera has become a refugee centre for many people who have lost everything in the disaster. Closer to Dili, our Carmelites in Fatuhada have also been helping out with food, clothing and transport for people affected by the crisis. More story  Donate here

Friday, 09 April 2021 15:09

2nd Sunday of Easter - Transforming fear

2EWeb150In today’s Gospel reading there are two stories of transformation through encounter with the risen Jesus. Firstly, Jesus appears to a group of frightened and bewildered disciples hiding in a room. His first words are, ‘Peace be with you’. Fear and bewilderment turn into joy as the disciples recognise the presence of the Risen Jesus with them. But that’s not all… Read more

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Friday, 09 April 2021 14:14

Timor Flood Emergency Appeal

2021TLFWeb150With homes washed away, roads and infrastructure damaged, and thousands now homeless, the people of Timor-Leste need your help. The Carmelites are providing food, water and clothing to those affected and our students are helping to clean and rebuild houses. Many people have lost everything. Please donate at: Read more

2020Web150When someone dies, one of the things we often feel is their absence. The rooms where they lived with us, the places where they sat are now empty and our hearts ache. In a way, we are all caught in tombs which hold loved ones, our experiences of hurt and harm, our fears and anxieties. What we seem to need above all is presence. Easter is a story of transformation. Where once there was only absence, now there is calm, loving, healing Presence and we know we are not alone. Our tombs begin to empty and joy becomes possible again. Resurrection is all about death giving way to life, the impossible becoming possible, absence becoming presence.

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Friday, 02 April 2021 01:50

Love poured out - Good Friday

2020GFWeb150Our afternoon liturgy is a meditation on the passion and death of the Lord. We begin listening to the words of Isaiah about the suffering servant on whom is laid the sin of all. We are struck by the brutality of the passion. We wonder at the depth of love of a God who gives up his own life that we might truly live.  We venerate the cross, not as a symbol of horrible death, but as a sign of the victory of God’s love; the end of one way of living and beginning of another. We pray with Christ’s spirit for the needs of the world. We receive again the Food that nourishes and strengthens us on our journey to Easter day.

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