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BJSWeb150Today is the 450th anniversary of the death of Blessed John Soreth. He was a reformer, spiritual writer and the founder of both the Carmelite Nuns and the Lay Carmelite Third Order. He was born near Caen in Normandy in 1394 and entered the Carmelite house there. Ordained priest around 1417, he became a doctor of theology in Paris in 1438 and then regent of studies there. He was Provincial of the French Province from 1440-1451 and Prior General of the Order from 1451 until his death. He was unflagging in his efforts at renewal, during what was an especially critical period for both the Church and the Order. Read more

Saturday, 24 July 2021 12:50

Carmel Impact supporting those in need

2021CIARWeb150In 2020 the Carmelites began operating a new charity organisation called Carmel Impact. The charity continues the Carmelites previous work supporting individuals and communities in Timor-Leste, with a specific focus on education and youth. On 22 June, Fr Paul Cahill, Prior Provincial and Chair of the Board, officially launched Carmel Impact’s first annual report during an online webinar to mark the event. Mayra Walsh, the Community Development Coordinator, provided an overview of the program’s achievements in 2020, while Fr Agostinho Exposto gave an update about the Covid-19 situation and more recent activities in Timor. More story...Read the Report...Watch the video

17OTBWeb150With around 13 million people now in lockdown food has become a national obsession. At the beginning of a lockdown there is inevitably a rush on non-perishable food, fresh fruit and vegetables and, you guessed it, toilet paper. Fruit and vegetable prices are on the rise due to the effects of drought, bushfire and a reduced harvesting workforce. Food insecurity is becoming a big issue especially for those on low incomes. Food is very much at the heart of this Sunday's Gospel about Jesus feeding the 5,000. Once again, Jesus is deeply conscious of the human needs of others. Read more
pdf Celebrating At Home 17th Sunday of Ordinary Time [PDF] (1.37 MB)
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Tuesday, 20 July 2021 09:42

Feast of Elijah, the Prophet

elijah2021 150On 20 July Carmelites throughout the world celebrate the Solemnity of the Old Testament Prophet, Elijah. In the Carmelite tradition Elijah is regarded as the spiritual father of and a source of inspiration for Carmelites.

Pope Francis describes the prophet Elijah as “one of the most compelling characters in the whole of Sacred Scripture.” Read more

Saturday, 17 July 2021 12:28

Young Carmelites Renew Vows

2021RVAWeb150On 16 July, the Feast of Our Lady of Mt Carmel, Brs José Natalino Freitas and Anacleto Guterres Da Costa renewed their Vows for another year. The ceremony took place during Mass in the Carmelite Community at Middle Park. Fr David Hofman (Formator) received their Vows on behalf of Fr Paul Cahill (Prior Provincial) who could not be present due to the Coronavirus lockdown in Melbourne. In renewing their Vows José and Anacleto have committed themselves to their Carmelite formation journey for another year. More story & photos.

Friday, 16 July 2021 15:58

Shepherding with God's love

16OTBWeb150With most of the country again under lockdown or other restrictions there has been much debate about the response of our leaders. In the first reading this Sunday, the prophet Jeremiah laments the poor leadership given by those to whom the flock of God has been entrusted. He looks forward to the day when God will raise up a true shepherd-king who will act with wisdom, honesty and integrity to look after the people. Again and again the scriptures propose the shepherd as the ideal leader. The Gospel today shows Jesus fulfilling Jeremiah's hope, acting with deep compassion for the disciples and for the crowds. Read more
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Friday, 16 July 2021 11:06

Feast of Our Lady of Mt Carmel

2021OLMCWeb150Today we celebrate the Solemnity of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. From the earliest days of the Order's beginnings, Mary has held a special place in the lives of Carmelites. Mary embodies everything that we hope for - to enter into an intimate relationship with Christ, being totally open to God's will and having our lives transformed by the Word of God. Like Mary, we too want to listen so deeply to the Word of God that he becomes flesh in us. pdf Read the letter of the Prior General for the Feast. (256 KB)   Watch the video.

Happy feast day to all members of our Carmelite Family!

Thursday, 08 July 2021 15:20

Day 9 - Thanksgiving for God's love

2021Novena10On this final day of our Novena for the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel we pray in thanksgiving for God's love. We thank God for the ways in which his love sustains us and gives us courage and strength as we face the challenges of the pandemic. We also thank God for his love shown in all those who are helping to support and strengthen others at this time. We ask for an ever-deeper awareness of that love and an ever-greater ability to share it with one another.

 Pray the Novena Prayer. Visit our Novena of Prayer page. You can also join us on Facebook anytime during the day. You can download the prayer and intentions for each day.

2021Novena09Today we remember all those whose livelihoods have been affected by COVID-19. So many people have lost jobs, their homes and businesses because of COVID-19. They struggle with little income and often lose hope as well. We pray for them as they struggle to rebuild their lives and we pray for all those working to support them.

 Pray the Novena Prayer. Visit our Novena of Prayer page.

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2021Novena08Welcome to the 7th day of our Novena. Today we are praying for all those who feel anxious, are isolated and alone at this time. The experience of COVID-19 has caused much anxiety among us. Many have also felt isolated and alone because of lockdowns and restrictions. We remember also mental health professionals and good friends who are helping to reduce the feelings of worry and social isolation. They are ministers of God's companionship and concern for all his beloved sons and daughters.

Pray the Novena Prayer. Visit our Novena of Prayer page.

You can also join us on Facebook anytime during the day and download the prayer and intentions for each day.

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