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Lay Carmelite Congress

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News about the recent Lay Carmelite Congress

The intention of the Congress was to offer a missionary thrust, to raise awareness of formation for the apostolate and to instil in the hearts of the participants a new enthusiasm, in the hope that the individual, provincial, regional and local communities might act upon the recommendations that the Congress was able to propose.

Lay Carmelites can have a very effective role in the work of new evangelisation and be, not only a quantitative force in the Order, but also a qualitative one, in helping other members to grow through the charism, wherever God has chosen for them to be.

On 14 and 15 September, two days befpre the 5th International Congress for Lay Carmelites, a meeting of provincial delegates and lay provincial moderators also took place at Sassone. The theme of the meeting was, “Roles and Responsibilities in guiding and motivating lay Carmelites”. The meeting, organised by the General Delegate for Lay Carmelites Fr. Josef Jančář, O.Carm., was seen to be a continuation of the meeting that took place in 2011. More than fifty Carmelites took part, with friars and lay people from all around the world.

Its purpose was to clarify and interpret the respective roles and responsibilities of religious and lay people in accompanying and directing the lay Carmelite movement.


Click here for more photos of the Congress from the website of the British Province.