St Titus Brandsma - Carmelite and Martyr

Contemplation and others God can be found in the places of worship. However, if we have to go and lend our hand to our brothers and sisters in need, we can find God there, too. Leaving God for the sake of God is a kind of mantra which helps us to be contemplative anywhere and anytime. But how far did Titus go with this belief? The answer is at the very end of his life. Fearlessly Titus fought the injustice the Nazis showed in the Netherlands. He defended the weak who were marginalized and suffered under Nazi oppression, stating bravely, The Catholic Church does not make any differences regarding sex, race, and people! The consequence of this attitude was his detention. When he was in Scheveningen prison, among loneliness and brutal cold, his contemplative eyes saw God. He then wrote a prayer: For Thou, O Jesus, art with me I have never been so close to You. Stay with me, with me, Jesus sweet, Your presence makes all things good for me. Contemplation in darkness In Dachau concentration camp, when he was beaten so severely, he sang Adoro Te Devote, a hymn contemplating the presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. Finally, to the agnostic nurse who would inject him with a lethal solution, he gave his simple rosary, encouraging her to pray the last phrase of Hail Mary, “Pray for us sinners.” Titus saw in this agnostic nurse, his executioner, the presence of God. He was a truly contemplative person. SAINT TITUS BRANDSMA Prayer We ask you, Lord, that, in the imitation of Saint Titus Brandsma, we may know how to be close to you, near to the cross, and that we may always feel you near to us in our crosses, both large and small, as our Friend, our Companion on the journey, and our Redeemer. May the cross always be for us a sign of love, of generous and total surrender to the cause of life, of solidarity and compassion for all. May we always say, in all the circumstances of life, with joy and full confidence in you… Hail to the Cross, our only hope. Amen. Mary, Mother of Carmel, pray for us. Titus Brandsma, Carmelite martyr, intercede for us. 21